I've finally found a nice background to apply to my new YouTube music video's, click the link to check them out (more to follow asap).

New Webdesign

Welcome to my new website. I'm really happy with the design I've made. I still have plans on making it even better but am looking at which technologies to use. So keep checking this space for updates :-)

Promo set live mix!

Last weekend I had to DJ at the Beachfest in Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands. As this was my first appearance as DJ since departing my old scene I have also recorded it for publication on MixCloud.

If you want to hear me DJ a 1 hour set please check it out at the site or press play here on the picture.

Stefan de Jong - Promo Set @ Beachfest/Stadsstrand Alphen aan den Rijn Netherlands by Stefan De Jong on Mixcloud

The Road Ahead

I've finished working on my new track. I decided to call the track "The Road Ahead" but am unsure on what style it has taken, if you have an idea on what it really is, tell me please :).
I'm very happy with the vibe.
Enjoy: Notion of Self - The Road Ahead (Extended Mix)


Today I got the answers from the various labels, it wasn't all bad news, most did like it but didn't think it could make it with the wide audience they (Sony, BMG, Warner, etc.) serve. So not all is lost, most liked my production and melody, guess I will have to think a little smaller :P.

Chart win!

We've done it! Together we got Colossus to Nr.1 in the Chartburst dance chart. The track has been forwarded to Sony and now I'll have to wait and see if they like what they hear. Let's hope they do :).

Would you want to help me get a record deal?

If so could you please vote for me in the chart as linked below.

Please vote for my track: Notion of Self - Colossus

And if you like me that much, please share this post to your friends :)

With kind regards. Stefan / Notion of Self

You can vote at: Chartburst


I've just uploaded my latest track "Colossus". It is my most accessible song to date which is not a bad thing as long as I'm not compromising on the composition (which I am not ^^).

All songs remastered

Over the last year I've been producing six songs, but between the first song (Forlorn) and the last (Powerplay) was a huge difference in production...

I've been playing at them trying to make them sound the same mastering wise...

I feel I've succeeded at this and uploaded the versions to SoundCloud and here. Share & Enjoy!


Recently I've been working at a new song that I've called "Powerplay". The song is the first one that I can honestly say I feel belongs in a Club. It doesn't have a big story behind it or anything... I just loved the sound and heard its potential and worked to making that come out!

The Sirens Call

I've finished work on "The Sirens Call". The song has become a powerful bassline driven song that I'd say tells a story about a starting war, the casualties and the rejoice after winning. But thats just my interpretation of what I heard.

You can listen to it in the playlist. Enjoy and tell me your thoughts through my social media channels :-).

Roger Shah Remix!

So when I was browsing I came across a remix contest for Roger Shah's "Dance with Me". The song set something in me in motion and soon I found myself working on my very first official remix. So I've now uploaded the mp3 to the players on this website and my other websites.

Please vote for my remix!

This Feeling is Music!

I've uploaded the latest versions for my demo "This Feeling is Music!" to my website. This demo includes "Forlorn", "A Breath of fresh air" and "The Will to live".


Currently going under the name "Air" is my new song which is featured in the mp3 player (nr. 10). The title will most likely change and the drums are still under construction, some inspiration is needed for this. Any ideas on the title or the music are most welcome. You can contact me through the contact page .


Somehow in between my job, graduating from University and moving into my own house I made this song as part of the transformation from TuraTempla into Notion of Self.

I named the song "Forlorn".

Whilst composing this song I felt that the lead melody stands out amongst the crowd. Engulved in a wall of sound it still separates itself from the rest in a timid way and with a (hence the name) lonely air to it. I might still put some work into it, but for now it is a prelude of more to come.

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